Pixelmusement 2005 Archive Last Updated:
December 29th, 2005

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2005 Archive

December 29th, 2005:

Well, the year is almost over. What a fitting time to announce the temporary closure of our 3D project. Perhaps in the future it will be picked up again but for now there are two other 2D projects in the works that are demanding much attention. More to come on them in the days ahead.

October 21st, 2005:

They say no news is good news, but just to reassure our visitors that progress is being made, Pixelmusement has been hard at work since July on its first 3D accelerated product using the Truevision 3D SDK. More details will be coming up in the next couple months so keep watching this space!

June 16th, 2005:

We've updated our June 8th press release to account for the delay in getting it out.

Here is the new press release we have sent out:

Expansion Pack Released for Super Minesweeper
Super Minesweeper is a PC Windows puzzle and logic game where you find mines on fields of differently shaped tiles. The Expansion pack adds over 50 new boards to the 111 already in the game.

LONDON, ON, CANADA (June 16, 2005) -- Shareware developer Pixelmusement has released their first expansion pack for their newest puzzle game Super Minesweeper.

The Super Minesweeper Expansion Pack adds over 50 new hand crafted boards to the game. This brings the total number of boards in Super Minesweeper to over 150. Each of the new boards features shapes and designs that are difficult to find in other Minesweeper clones.

Super Minesweeper was originally released with the expectation of having new boards added on later dates, so installing the expansion pack is no more complicated than a few clicks of the mouse. No extra steps are needed to play the boards in the expansion pack, except of course for selecting them while inside the game.

There are many forms of Minesweeper gameplay and the idea behind Super Minesweeper is to provide users with the ability to put their own Minesweeper experience together. By choosing a board, a gameplay mode and a skill level, users are able to experience Minesweeper in their own customized way. The colors are fully customizable too, a feature which is uncommon amongst Minesweeper clones.

Visit http://www.pixelships.com/smine for more information about Super Minesweeper and the new expansion pack. The Super Minesweeper Expansion Pack is available for $6.95, or can be purchased with Super Minesweeper (requires Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP) for $19.95.

June 8th, 2005:

We are proud to announce the release of our Super Minesweeper Expansion Pack, adding over 50 new boards to the game to bring the total board count to over 150! If you don't already have Super Minesweeper you can get it, plus the expansion pack, by purchasing the Super Minesweeper Combo!

To give Super Minesweeper players an idea of what they are getting when they purchase the game, there is a new Super Minesweeper Boards Guide, featuring images and play details for all 111 boards in Super Minesweeper and all 58 additional boards in the Super Minesweeper Expansion Pack!

May 1st, 2005:

Along with the launch of the Pixelmusement website is a press release for Super Minesweeper, Pixelmusement's first shareware product:

Super Minesweeper - A New Way to Play Minesweeper
LONDON, ON, CANADA (May 1, 2005) - - Pixelmusement, a new shareware game developer, has released Super Minesweeper, a game which greatly expands upon the original concept of Minesweeper.

Super Minesweeper features the original Minesweeper gameplay along with six additional ways to play. Each game mode challenges the player to find all the mines without accidentally revealing one. If the player reveals a mine a penalty is added to the time and score at the end of the game, instead of giving the player a "Game Over". This gives players of all skill levels the opportunity to make a high score.

Super Minesweeper features over 100 board styles. Each board style has differently shaped tiles that are connected in various ways. To find the mines, players must deduce how each tile interacts with its surrounding tiles and place their flags accordingly. The board styles include grids of squares, rectangles, hexagons and other shapes, all mixed together in various patterns.

Super Minesweeper gives players the option to choose how active or passive the gameplay feels. Each special effect, such as explosions and flashing numbers, can be turned on or off at any time. Furthermore, players have the option to change the colors used in the game to anything they desire. The sound effects can also be enabled or disabled, partially or completely.

Super Minesweeper is available for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and is only $14.95 USD. Visit http://www.pixelships.com/smine for more information and purchasing details.

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