Pixelmusement 2006 Archive Last Updated:
December 16th, 2006

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2006 Archive

December 16th, 2006:

A small update has been made to the original PixelShips game to reduce CPU usage and improve its compliance with multitasking and background applications.

Presently in development is a new game engine to facilitate the production of future games. It's nothing much at the moment but once completed should increase the rate at which new games will be brought out!

Lastly, for all of you in the UK, you may wish to check out the latest issue of Retrogamer Magazine. PixelShips Retro has scored an 86% in the December issue, additionally dubbed, "Remake of The Month"!

September 21st, 2006:

Pixelships Retro is Here!

PixelShips Retro Logo

Although PixelShips Retro was originally going to be part of a larger project featuring several retro-styled games, the fans didn't want to wait, and of course, listening to your fans is important! So instead of making everyone wait, the shareware version of PixelShips Retro is now ready for download and the registered version is ready to buy!

Perhaps our press release will give you a better idea of what's in store:

Blast to The Past with PixelShips Retro
LONDON, ON, CANADA (September 21st, 2006) - - Software developer Pixelmusement has released PixelShips Retro, an arcade-styled shooting game modelled after titles developed in the 1980's.

PixelShips Retro is a sequel to the original PixelShips game released in 2000. Each PixelShip is a toy space ship that players must fly through 50 randomly generated levels, combatting enemy drones and other PixelShips. When a player defeats an enemy PixelShip it can be added to the player’s collection and later flown by the player. There are 160 different PixelShips to discover and finding each of them is part of the challenge.

PixelShips Retro is true to its name, delivering graphics, sound effects and 13 original music tracks, reflecting the early days of gaming. It provides gamers who have been playing games since the 1980's a feeling of nostalgia, giving others a true "retro" gameplay experience. PixelShips Retro essentially puts "eye-candy" in the back seat, relying on balanced and fun entertainment instead.

PixelShips Retro has several features that place it a step above traditional 80's games. Its real-time game engine allows the game to run at the correct speed no matter how powerful the user's computer. A simple control scheme allows new players to forgo dealing with complicated keyboard and joystick configurations. Players can jump right into the game, dealing damage to the randomly generated enemies with 16 different weapons. PixelShips Retro may look old but is designed with a solid, stable and easy to use interface that anyone can take advantage of.

PixelShips Retro is available for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and is only $12.95 USD. Visit http://www.pixelships.com/pxsretro for more information and purchasing details.

September 20th, 2006:

PixelShips Retro is only going to be one day late, so prepare yourselves...

September 6th, 2006:

After many conversations with people who enjoy the games Pixelmusement has to offer, it seems apparent that the desire for PixelShips Retro outweighs that of the Retro Wizard package it was going to come in. So rather than make everyone wait for Retro Wizard to be finished, since it's taking considerably longer than expected, PixelShips Retro is to be released as a standalone game! At present, there is very little that needs to be done to the game, but testing still has to take place and a separate shareware version needs to be made. At present, the release looks like it's going to happen on September 20th, but it could be sooner, it could be later. More details to come!

June 20th, 2006:

The Retro Wizard Screenshots have been updated with several new captures from the completed version of PixelShips Retro, which is one of the four games that will come with the Retro Wizard package. Because PixelShips Retro took substantially longer to make than expected, current release plans are for the end of August, but even that is just a guess. When a release date is set for certain you will know! ;)

May 1st, 2006:

It is now Pixelmusement's first anniversary. What better time is there to announce our next shareware project:

Retro Wizard Title Screen

Retro Wizard is a collection of four all new games styled to look, sound and play like old-school 80's games. However, unlike older 80's games, the games in the Retro Wizard package have balanced gameplay across several skill levels and plenty of additional features. For more information, click your way to the Retro Wizard Game Page

April 24th, 2006:

It's a new year now, and much is in the works. PixelShips has been updated to version 1.85, adding customizable controls and joystick support, among other things. Also, on May 1st, the first anniversery of the launch of the Pixelmusement website, there will be an update providing visitors with information and screenshots of our upcoming shareware project.

So don't forget to check back in the days ahead!


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