Pixelmusement 2007 Archive Last Updated:
August 10th, 2007

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2007 Archive

August 10th, 2007:

It took forever to track down, but the bugs in PixelShips Retro related to input lagging and changing screen modes with F9 have finally been eliminated. Registered users are urged to download the PixelShips Retro v1.11 Patch as soon as possible, while shareware users can simply download the most recent shareware version of PixelShips Retro.

In other news, the game engine being developed is now going to be hardware accelerated thanks to OpenGL. It will still be 2D, but due to its nature we may decide to release it as a standalone product, in case there are any programmers who wish to take advantage of it. It is still a couple months away from being ready, at the earliest, but promises to speed up (and greatly enhance) the development of all games made by Pixelmusement for next year and beyond!

June 19th, 2007:

PixelShips Retro is the last game to be updated and is now up to v1.1. The performance increase will be dramatic on some systems, so if PixelShips Retro ran poorly before it should run much more smoothly now. There is also the same Vista and networked system compatibility issues solved and various other minor bugs fixed. (Such as spelling mistakes or the inability to use joystick buttons beyond the 8th.) Proceed to the downloads page for PixelShips Retro to get the latest shareware version or the patch for the registered version.

Now that all the games are updated, work will be continuing on our game engine. Once it is finished, there are several games currently on the drawing board, including a Breakoutęstyle game, a couple puzzle games, a 360░ overhead action shooter, among others. Unlike before, the game engine will allow these games to be made much faster, so releases shouldn't be nearly as sporadic as they have been in the past! Stay tuned!

June 9th, 2007:

The 70% off sale for Super Minesweeper has ended. A link to Game du Jour is still available on the links page should you wish to take advantage of any other sales they have in the future.

June 8th, 2007:

Game du Jour is hosting a 24-hour sale of Super Minesweeper! Starting at midnight (CDT) on Friday, June 8th, Super Minesweeper can be purchased from Game du Jour for 70% off the regular price! (A total of $4.48!) This sale only lasts 24-hours so if there was ever a time to get the full version of Super Minesweeper, it's now!

May 28th, 2007:

Super Minesweeper is now up to v1.12. It has the same fixes and changes PixelShips v1.87 has, which will improve performance on all systems and will increase compatability with Windows Vista or networked computers. It also has a few new colour schemes just for fun. The shareware version and registered patch update are both available to download.

May 21st, 2007:

There hasn't really been much to report these past few months. Work has been proceeding as usual, but mostly on uninteresting, technical things like game engines, input handlers, Vista compatibility, etc.

However, things will start to pick up around here soon enough. PixelShips has been updated to v1.87. The CPU usage is now handled much better than simply reducing it, thus improving performance. All of the input routines have been reworked to finally squash some of the long standing input bugs. Lastly, the ships and drones are now outlined so you can see them more easily in places like Class M Planets. There are other changes too so it is recommended you read the included readme.txt file for more information.

Over the next week or so will be similar updates to the shareware and registered versions of Super Minesweeper and PixelShips Retro. These fixes, which have also been added to PixelShips, should allow the program to install and run without requiring administrator access. (Depending on your system configuration.) This should make things easier for networked or Vista users.

Once all the updates are finished, things will quiet down again... hopefully not for as long as that last gap! ;)


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