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May 22nd, 2010

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Ancient DOS Games --- Episode 1

Stunts / 4D Sports Driving

Additional Information and Corrections:

  • The forum thread I'm referring to when talking about the licensing state can be found at http://forum.stunts.hu/index.php?topic=1499.0. Make what you will of it. If anyone can provide me with more information on the current licensing state of Stunts, I'll post the info here, but hearsay regarding licensing will never hold up in a court of law so I can't call the game free without some kind of first-party confirmation.

  • Much to my surprise, this game actually supports the Hercules Graphics Card, which is an old 1984 monochrome graphics card made popular because it made it easy to attach a second monitor to a computer system, primarily for the sake of debugging. Stunts looks really, really, REALLY weird in this graphics mode...

  • Those of you who think I mispronounced "Lancia" in the video... are correct. The "ci" sound is pronounced like in "ciao", as a "ch" sound. (What? Did you think it was pronounced LANCE-ia?)

  • If you missed it in the video, SHIFT+F1 while in the track editor gets you the hidden landscape pieces!

  • Yes, the menu/editor music does eventually get annoying because of how high-pitched it is. Thankfully, a push of CTRL+M turns it off.

  • This is without a doubt, the DOS game I play the second-most out of my entire collection. First-most is probably One Must Fall 2097, which is just an awesome and easy-to-play fighting game. ;)

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