Pixelmusement Filler Video 8 Last Updated:
August 13th, 2011

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Filler Video #8


Additional Information and Corrections:

  • If you wanna pick up VVVVVV, here's the place to go: http://store.steampowered.com/app/70300/

  • Two other links of importance: The VVVVVV website at http://thelettervsixtim.es/, and the Distractionware website, which serves as Terry Cavanagh's blog and hosts the official VVVVVV forums at http://distractionware.com/

  • The music in this game was created by Magnus Pålsson and there's even a couple soundtracks he's released for the game titled "PPPPPP". You can find his stuff here: http://www.souleye.se/

  • One last link, right here on my website, if you want to download my custom level, "Reactor Disaster": http://www.pixelships.com/misc_vvvvvv.html

  • Yes, I'm aware that dying in this game is trivial, but for some people, dying at all really sucks for them in any game, regardless of how trivial it is, so I wanted to be sure I was getting the point across that you die an excessive amount of times.

  • Where did I get the "hundreds of thousands of players" number from? Well, consider this. VVVVVV was recently a part of the third Humble Indie Bundle, and exactly 372,386 copies of that bundle were sold, and that's of course not counting all the people who bought the game on its own before this bundle was released. Yeah, I know not everyone who bought the bundle bought it for VVVVVV, but regardless of anything, they all own the full game now. ;)

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