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January 10th, 2010

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Jade Fighter Arena --- Trivia / Fun Facts

* This game is actually inspired by a little-known shareware game for Windows 3.1 called "Colosseum" which I used to play quite a bit.

* The game recognizes the names my friends would use and gives them good weapons right from the start... if they want them.

* Occasionally you may get approached by someone in the game who's willing to trade you your current weapon for a different one, but you don't get to see the stats of the new one so it's a gamble until you're much more familiar with the various weapons and materials.

* Weapons can sometimes have an aura around them. This indicates that it's enchanted and may have special powers you can use in battle when "Enchant" rolls up on the action spinner.

* Half of this game was written at a friend's house, the other half at home, though I was the person coding in both locations. Said friend actually helped with a few of the weapon graphics.

* The Tettra-Mace only appears to have three balls attached even though it should actually have four. Having only three it should technically be called the "Tri-Mace". I did actually fix this at one point, but the graphic of the fix seems to be lost to time. :/

* There's a couple super secret moves that extremely rarely come up on the spinner. The results can be pretty crazy.


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