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January 10th, 2010

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PixelShips --- F.A.Q. / Support

Have a very specific issue? Try using your browser's "search" feature to find certain words related to your troubles.

General Issues:

Q: I normally played PixelShips in a window. Now, I can't get it to run that way anymore!
A: The command line options have been removed. To switch to windowed mode now, run the game and press F9. Use that same key to switch back from windowed to full-screen.

Q: I'm pretty close to finishing my collection, all I have left to do is upgrade a ship or two which cannot be obtained in the missions, but when I completed a campaign the game froze!
A: This was a bug accidentally introduced in v1.82. Upgrade to v1.87 and everything will work fine.

Q: My joystick isn't working in PixelShips!
A: PixelShips v1.87 will only recognize joysticks which are pysically connected to the system and which Windows recognizes. If PixelShips can't see your joystick, chances are neither can Windows and you should consult the documentation for your joystick to solve the problem.

Q: I can't assign certain keyboard keys!
A: Caps Lock, Escape, P, Pause, and F1 cannot be assigned in the new control configuration screen. Every other key on the keyboard though is fair game!

Q: Why can't I vacuum pixels with the ALT key anymore?
A: Keyboard issues arrise when holding ALT and SPACEBAR at the same time so the vacuum device is now the SHIFT key instead by default. (You can set it back now if you really want to.)

Q: The game runs too fast!
A: This is a fast game. ;)

Q: The game runs too slow!
A: Try closing the game, closing all open applications (if any), then restarting the game. If that doesn't work, get a faster computer ;)

Q: The gameplay is erratic, going fast sometimes and then skipping at other times.
A: Read the above answer.

Q: The gameplay is jerky and the screen looks like its shearing against itself. Any way to fix this?
A: Go to your start menu, click RUN, and type in DXDIAG and hit enter. On the window that pops up, click on the "More Help" tab, click Override, and enter "70" into the override value box and hit OK. WARNNING: MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THIS IS 70 AND MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU SET THIS BACK TO DEFAULT WHEN YOU ARE DONE PLAYING!! KRIS ASICK SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSABLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR MONITOR BY USING INCORRECT SETTINGS WITH THE DXDIAG OVERRIDE FUNCTION!!

Q: How come I need such a powerful computer for just a simple 2d Sidescroller?
A: If you still need to ask this question 7 years after the first release of PixelShips then you seriously need to upgrade your computer! ;)

Q: Why isn't there any sound effects or music?
A: Because that's for PixelShips 2 to showcase!

Q: What does this game run under?
A: The original game was designed to run in MS-DOS 6.2, however this port is designed exclusively for Windows 98 and higher using DirectX.

Q: My keyboard controls are locking up!
A: This occurs on older computers that depend on the BIOS for processing the keyboard. No fixes here, sorry.
A: Your keyboard may not have a very large keypress buffer thus hitting several arrow keys at once doesn't work. In this situation try using the numeric keypad instead. (It works now!)
A: Hitting the windows keyboard keys has been known to cause key lockups in certain cases. Try not to hit them and you'll be just fine.

Q: Why do I lose my pilot when I lose a mission?
A: Because you are losing every PixelShip in your collection during the mission. If your collection is small remember to take only some of your ships into a mission. This way if you start to lose ships you can hit ESC to bail out and try again, or if you lose all your reserve ships you will still have some left to continue your character.

Q: Explain this reserve ship thingy too me. I can't figure out how to work it!
A: Think of "Reserve Ships" as "Reserved Slots". Each one points to a particular slot in your collection. If it points to an empty slot, you can capture a ship and it will go there. If it points to a slot with a ship in it, you can switch to that ship during the game by collecting an appropriate powerup. If you have no free slots, you can't capture ships. (Use the right mouse button to remove ships from your collection if it's too full.) To change the slot, simply click on the reserve ship you want to change followed by the slot you want to change it to.

Q: That's too complicated!
A: It'll be easier next time around in the sequel ;)

Q: Augh! The game just crashed while I was in the middle of playing and gave me this bizzare error message!
A: Record everything that you were doing and when the error occured, then send the details to my E-Mail address!


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