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January 10th, 2010

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PixelShips --- Trivia / Fun Facts

* PixelShips is the third game I ever wrote in C++, preceded by Space Fortress and an obscure text-based game dubbed Fishing III.

* v1.0 only has four different landscape types, is missing many of the features that make the current version good, and PixelShip #45 is actually DIFFERENT. If you'd like to see what v1.0 is like, download this file: PXS10.ZIP. Note that there is only a DOS version of this so you will likely need an old DOS system or DOSBox to play it.

* I used to play Gradius III music all the time while play-testing this game. Seems pointless now since many of the landscape types now have their own themes to be used in any potential future incarnations of the game.

* In the older versions of the game you could change the star count by adding a command line option. I've since forgotten what it is though. :/

* The most confusing aspect of the game which I still get E-Mails about occasionally is "Reserve Ships". I really could've done that much better than I did.

* Since each ship is only 81 pixels big, I had a bunch of friends help make the designs. They also had name ideas too for some of them, but for the most part, I was just looking for the graphics since artwork is the single aspect of game making I struggle with.

* I'm well aware that the viewing aspect doesn't make sense. You're seeing the ship from above even though the landscape is viewed from the side. This actually carries over into PixelShips Retro as well. I assure everyone though, you won't see this carry over into any MORE sequels. ;)

* A lot of people compared this game to Defender when I first released it way back in 2000. The funny thing was, Defender was one of the few old-school games I hadn't yet played. When I decided to do PixelShips Retro I figured I might as well give everyone more reasons to assume that. ;D

* This game has too many controls really. This is why I simplified the control scheme so greatly in PixelShips Retro.

* Older versions timed themselves by syncing to the monitor refresh rate. The trouble here was after migrating from DOS to Windows, not everyone's monitors were running 70 Hz at 320x200 anymore! (IE: The game stopped playing the same speed for everyone until I fixed that and added a better timing system.)

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