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January 10th, 2010

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Star Gladiators 2

Download Star Gladiators 2!

The Story Behind SG2:

SGX, or Star Gladiators Extreme, is a space fighting game held throughout the galaxy between many races and many ships and is carefully upheld so that no participants are ever injured.

The idea is, each pilot's ship has a special teleportation system embeded inside. A split second before a ship is destroyed the system kicks in and instantly teleports the pilot into the nearby spectator stands while his ship is destroyed. But since ship construction is so blatantly fast and easy the pilot simply orders his ship rebuilt, or tries his hand at a new design.

SG2 is a simulation program to see if contenders have what it takes to fight in the arena. This simulator allows pilots to turn on and off different aspects of the game and to build their own ships in moments to try out new designs. The simulation ends only when the users feel they have done enough battling for one day.

Playing Star Gladiators 2:

SG2 is an overhead shooter where two players (either Human or Computer controlled) face off against each other. To accommodate the limited amount of keypresses a keyboard can handle at once, (and the fact this game was written in QuickBASIC), the controls in this game are designed around pressing and releasing. To move in a particular direction, you just tap the appropriate key instead of holding it.

There are a ton of weapons you can collect and each weapon can be powered up to varying degrees of power. There are also a variety of game options and a built-in ship editor to help keep things interesting. ;)


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