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January 10th, 2010

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Star Gladiators 2 --- F.A.Q. / Support

Have a very specific issue? Try using your browser's "search" feature to find certain words related to your troubles.

General Issues:

Q: The game runs too fast!
A: Set the timer to VSync mode. If the game still goes too fast try increasing the delay value a notch. Remember, the FPS count on the main menu is not 100% accurate. Turn the FPS counter on mid-game to see what your framerate will actually be like.

Q: The game runs too slow!
A: If you're not using VSync timer mode try switching to it. If it's still going too slow on all timer modes with no delay value then your system may not be fast enough to handle the game.

Q: Why is the game only in 16 colors?
A: It was programmed in QuickBASIC using nothing but standard QB commands. No external libraries or assembler code. Because the game uses page flipping, something you can't do in native QB in 256 color mode, it was impossible to program the game in more than 16 colors.

Q: Why can't I change the screen resolution?
A: At one point in time Kris had hacked his original SG2 1.0 source code to turn it into 640x350 EGA screen code. When he initially began writting SG2 1.5 he was going to incorporate this code... but... it didn't play well with the newly programmed engine, so he figured it wouldn't be worth the time and effort reprogramming high resolution EGA support. The game plays just fine at 320x200.

Q: It's telling me I'm holding keys!
A: That's because you're not supposed to.

Q: Why not?
A: Again, native QB code. There was multiple keypress routines planned but they didn't work very well under Windows.

Q: What about joystick support?
A: QB joystick support is not very good under Windows. Especially with digital joysticks that are being emulated for DOS based programs.

Q: Why is it sometimes a ship explosion is red and sometimes it's blue?
A: Blue is a shield failure, thus a kill. Red is a reactor meltdown due to overheating, thus a suicide.

Q: I just picked up a powerup for my currently selected weapon but it didn't do anything!
A: This is a bug with the game. Just change weapons or push your WEAPLEV+ button to bring your new level of weaponry on-line.

Q: I'm playing on beginner skill against someone on elite skill and despite all the damage I'm doing I'm losing! What's going on?
A: To encourage players to play with all the features enabled, you are limited to the level of weaponry you can use if you play on lower skill levels, and you receive less points for the damage you do and the frags you make.

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