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January 10th, 2010

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Star Gladiators 2 --- Trivia / Fun Facts

* The original name of my Star Gladiators games was Star Destroyers. Since I wasn't a big Star Wars fan at the time, I didn't think anything of it, but later on it seemed only appropriate to change the name to avoid future trademark issues as I continued to make games.

* There's actually a commercial series of arcade fighting games called Star Gladiator and Star Gladiator 2. Thus for sake of naming, any games which follow this one will be dubbed SGX, which stands for Star Gladiators Extreme, to avoid confusion. I actually already made a game called SGX, but it's older than SG2, runs badly on most computers and is full of other issues.

* This is my only game written in BASIC that's too big to actually fit in the QBASIC development environment. Migrating from QBASIC to QuickBASIC was a requirement when making this game as QuickBASIC allows having multiple source files link together to make one program. This switch also allowed me to compile the game into an executable file!

* The idea for the SGX games was originally: "Make a 2D shooter where players shoot each other instead of an onslaught of enemies."

* The idea of being able to reduce your skill level to turn off energy and/or heat actually stems from the Virtual World Entertainment Tesla Pods, which are virtual reality pods you sit inside to take control of an FASA Battletech mech to do combat with other mechwarriors. Your skill level could be set to one of three different settings, the first had no energy or heat, the second had energy but no heat, the third had both.

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