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January 10th, 2010

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Squares Big 'n Little Squares Hexagons Skewed Squares
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Super Minesweeper --- Game Guides

The key feature to Super Minesweeper is in its selection of boards. The following 11 guides give a run-down of the boards found in each of the 11 board packs as well as screenshots of every board. For those of you who have bought the registered version of Super Minesweeper, these guides will give you some insight into the mechanics of each board and their difficulty. For those of you still playing with the shareware version of Super Minesweeper, consider these guides your window into the boards waiting in store for you in the full version! ;)

Squares Grids of squares are nothing new in the world of minesweeper. Super Minesweeper adds some various patterns though, including squares which are offset from one-another!
Big 'n Little Squares These boards mix small squares with big squares in various ways. Some of the boards are easy and fun, others will really put you to the test!
Hexagons Hexagon grids love to open up when you click on them and many of the boards in the Hexagons Pack are actually simple and fun... even though they can look very intimidating!
Skewed Squares Features squares with corners skewed away to create curiously shaped tiles. These boards are challenging to say the least!
Rectangles A selection of very fun and easy to play boards for the most part. Each one features rectangular tiles of various sizes.
Intricate Octagons A mix of many different tile shapes into octagonal forms. These are some of the hardest boards available so you may want to practice the other more predictable boards first!
Intricate Squares Are you ready for some of the most challenging boards Super Minesweeper has to offer? Like the Intricate Octagons, these boards arrange many kinds of tiles into square shapes, contained within large L-shaped tiles which are incredibly difficult to wrap one's head around. Clearning one of these boards without taking a single point of damage is practically unheard of!
Grid Patterns These boards feature various little patterns of tiles interjected into grids of squares. Some of these boards are easy, some are fairly tough.
Tiled Patterns Looking at one of these boards is like looking at the laminant flooring in a kitchen or bathroom. Each one features a variety of tiles which form together to make squares, kind of like how the Intricate Squares boards work, only nowhere near as difficult! (...with one definite exception!)
Triangles Grids of triangles are very interesting to play minesweeper on so this pack provides a variety of arrangements using nothing but!
Unusual Patterns The patterns of tiles presented in this pack are simply strange. You have to actually play these boards to understand them as they vary in difficulty so dramatically, not only between each board but also just by playing them in different game modes!

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