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January 10th, 2010

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Super Minesweeper --- Trivia / Fun Facts

* This game has never sold well, but not because it's a bad game. As it stands, Super Minesweeper has more minesweeper game variations and boards than virtually any other version out there, with possibly one or two exceptions I've come across. (Both of which are also shareware.) The trouble is, most serious minesweeper players aren't looking for a variety of challenges, they just want to master the basic grids and learn the mathematics of it all while fine-tunning their playing. Essentially, my target market wasn't interested in variations of the gameplay, thus making Super Minesweeper more appealing to casual minesweeper players than the hardcore players.

* Most people who play this game are quite startled the very first time they hit a mine and especially if they hit one by accident. This effect is VERY MUCH intentional. >;)

* The game is coded so that no matter what, your very first click will reveal a chunk of the board. Nothing's more frustrating in minesweeper than your first click doing nothing, or worse your very first click hits a mine because the person who made the game isn't a minesweeper player. x_x;

* Most people who have reviewed this game have neglected to notice that the colours can be altered however you want and that there are lots of pre-made colour schemes.

* The idea of penalty time stems from the fact that sometimes in minesweeper you can end up in a situation where you MUST take a guess as no matter where you click, you have an equal chance in every spot of hitting a mine. It seemed stupid to me that you should lose an entire game because of such an event.

* v1.0 doesn't have the Pixelmusement logo because it was released before I registered the business name. Additionally, the only person who ever bought v1.0 was my mother as I had the next version up very soon after.

* I'd actually had the idea for Super Minesweeper since 1993, way back when I first started getting into programming. Only more recently did I finally come up with a way of making it work.

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