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November 13th, 2017

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Small Games

I've decided it would probably be a good idea to make a page dedicated to any small projects I work on over the years, so if I make anything tiny and super-quick, here's where you'll find it! I actually have a couple more things to add here soon, but for now there's just one game on offer.

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QB Debugger Hero v1.0

Click on any of the screenshots below to enlarge them!

QBDH Title Screen QBDH Early Level QBDH Later Level QBDH Total Mayhem!

icon   Click here to download QB Debugger Hero v1.0!

Made this game during the course of two livestreams in under 6 hours of total effort, from scratch, using QuickBASIC. It's an extremely simple Robotron 2084 clone which turned out quite a bit easier than the game it's based off of. When you first start it up, make sure NumLock is on otherwise you won't be able to fire your lasers. If you still can't, try toggling NumLock off then on again. It is recommended that you run this either on an old system or using a DOS emulator such as DOSBox with a fixed cycles count of around 30,000. Source code included with download!


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