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January 10th, 2010

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Jade Fighter Arena

Download Jade Fighter Arena!

The Story Behind Jade Fighter:

Many years in the future, a rich scientist by the name of Hinari Jade came up with a wild idea: Gladitorial Combat. You see, in the future, peace had been attained accross the planet so gladitorial combat was quite unheard of, but Hinari also invented a machine that could bring anyone back to life using a single molecule of DNA, so he figured governments wouldn't be offended by the idea.

Well... it didn't turn out that way. Every set of government officials Hinari spoke to would not allow him to set up his "Gladitorial Paradise" regardless of this invention over fear it might fail. So, Hinari did the next best thing. Using his enormous wealth he bought an island out in the middle of nowhere and had his paradise built there, away from other governments, free to build his own specifically for his island.

While Hinari Jade has long been deceased, his legacy lives on at the island. Jade Fighter Arena is not actual combat at the island, but a simulation program to see if people are ready to join the ranks at the island!

Playing Jade Fighter Arena:

Jade Fighter Arena is primarily a text-based game where you compete in gladiatorial combat against many other combatants at a time. When it's your turn you simply select who you wish to attack and press any key to start a random attack ticker. Hit any key again and the ticker stops on two values: A number to indicate the chance of hitting your opponent and the type of attack you're about to perform.

While there is a lot of random chance in this game, there is some strategy as well. Do you pick off the weaker opponents first, or the stronger opponents? Do you try to take out the opponents low in HP first, or weaken the ones high in HP first? Do you buy a weak weapon in the store because it has really good attacks, or go for the more powerful weapon that lacks any instant-kill moves?

Ultimately, there's no real way to lose in this game. One way or another you'll get stronger and stronger. The idea is to just have fun and see just how powerful you can become in how short a time! ;)


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