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January 10th, 2010

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Space Fortress --- F.A.Q. / Support

Have a very specific issue? Try using your browser's "search" feature to find certain words related to your troubles.

General Issues:

Q: The game runs too fast!
A: Extremely fast computers may have speed issues with Space Fortress, especially with high-end video cards. Any computer slower than 750 Mhz should be fine, otherwise it may or may not run the right speed.

Q: The game runs too slow!
A: You DO meet the system requirements, right?

Q: The white outline around the sensors has a pixel missing.
A: That happens sometimes beacuse of the way particles are initialized when a weapon strikes your base. Just ignore this.

Q: What does the ??? powerup do?
A: One of seven things at random: Double points received for striking a target, drag enemies towards base, randomize allocation grid settings, slowly repair all of your systems at once, throw the Defensive Gun shots out of alignment, invert the left and right controls, or colorize the enemy explosions.

Q: Why don't you list those in the game's readme.txt file?
A: To encourage people to look here! ;)

Q: How do I pause the game? The pause key isn't doing anything!
A: The keyboard routines in this game aren't perfect. You have to use the scroll-lock key to pause and unpause the game.

Q: The game just crashed my Windows ME system!
A: For some bizzare reason or another Windows ME doesn't like Space Fortress that much. It'll work on some Windows ME systems, but not many.

Q: When can I consider myself a master at Space Fortress?
A: Kris' highest score ever was over 200,000 points with 213 kills. He actually had to QUIT that game because he had to leave while in the midst of it. If you can get over 200 kills, you can consider yourself a Space Fortress master.

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