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January 10th, 2010

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Space Fortress --- Trivia / Fun Facts

* This is my second C++ game ever, preceded only by an obscure text-based game dubbed Fishing III and followed by PixelShips.

* The weapons are actually made up of pixels. Each individual pixel of a weapon deals damage, rather than the weapon as a whole.

* This was originally a text-mode game in QBASIC I was writing during lunch breaks in high-school. The text-mode version was actually very close to finished, but it seems to have been lost. The copy I still have at the moment is seriously outdated and missing most of the gameplay.

* The graphics are handled by a library of graphics functions a friend of mine made which he dubbed "Direct-Y" as a take off of Microsoft's DirectX. I'm not sure but I think Space Fortress is the only game ever made with his graphics library.

* The Auto-Orb series of PixelShips actually first appeared here in Space Fortress. Another tie-in is that the ships in Space Fortress and in PixelShips are both the same size: 9x9 pixels.

* Death from a life support failure is very rare in Space Fortress as in order for life support to fail, you generally have to be in pretty bad shape already and will likely get blown apart long before the oxygen levels are depleted.

* Because operating systems treat the "Pause" key on the keyboard so oddly, this game uses Scroll Lock to pause. (Perhaps one of the only instances in the past couple decades of computing where scroll lock does anything useful!)

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